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Call of Duty Vs Battlefield

The gaming world has gone behind debates and competitions to decide who’s the better one. A popular one from the lot has to be between two of the most epic shooter games of all times, Call of Duty and Battlefield. Although the verdict does not affect true fans, comparisons can come from pitching features against each other. Both these developers have put their heart out in creating these 10kb games, so a ton of respect goes without saying. So, let’s begin the comparisons on different grounds.

The Introduction

Call of Duty has brought warfare into our worlds, and it took place around 15 years ago. When it comes to intriguing and intense battle moments, nobody argues with Call of Duty, since they started it all. Through disagreements, the developers parted ways, and the Infinity Ward began creating on their own. When it comes to Battlefield, one can say that it created history. It arrived on the gaming scene way before Call of Duty and remained on top of the charts for a long time. If Call of Duty is intense, then Battlefield made things realistic, opening the world to warriors who are not all males.

Weapons Arsenal

To begin the comparison, we would like to start with the kind of weapons both these games provide. These weapons match the overall setting, taking the game to a stage of realism and live-action. Although Battlefield provides gamers with variety, Call of Duty emerges as the clear winner. In terms of variety and choices, Call of Duty gives you what you want based on the timeline of the gaming period. You have enough and more, pushing forward the boundaries for action.

Running Action

For first-person shooter games, it is quite hard to play without having the right ingredients for some running action. So, in terms of running action, it is sad to say that Battlefield losses the battle again. They have some excellent running game action, but it cannot be compared to Call of Duty. The latter lets you fire an array of bullets, enhancing the experience to a large extent. With all that is happening on screen, you can be sure to face some adrenaline-pumping that tastes like gaming war.

War on Wheels

How can a war be complete without some vehicular warfare? Well, then let’s put these games against each other and understand the better one. Apart from the latest versions, Call of Duty didn’t have much to boost on about vehicular warfare. Battlefield is the rightful owner to this throne, as they came up with the right ingredients way before Call of Duty. In Battlefield, you could drive these vehicles all around and have some classic gaming moments on screen.

Things That Need to be Part of Your Journey

Going on a journey is one of the best things that you could give yourself and is considered as the best birthday gift. The best ingredients that need to be part of your life come through a ตู้ สล็อต ออนไลน์ journey, and you should never make compromises on the same. So, to take things in the right direction, here are some of the most important things that need to be a part of your journey.

Mountain Tops for the Views

You need to add a little bit of poetry to your journey, and mountain tops are the right answer. By climbing to the top, you will be left with memories that cover a major part of your discovery. The efforts that you put into the task gives you all the right results, and you will be left with a smiling face. Getting quality time for yourself is one thing that many can’t get in this day and age. So make all the right efforts and book the right ticket for this journey.

Beaches for the Sense of Calmness

Sense of Calmness You wouldn’t have met anyone who would have refused to go to the beach since the place attracts everyone from all over the world. Be it the view or the sense of calmness; you are exposed to a lot of things on the beach. Watching the waves move is one of the best feelings that you can add to your life, and you will never regret the decision regardless of the cost of the ticket. Apart from that, you can also taste some delicious seafood that is unique to particular places. Hence, experience culture to a large extent.

Architecture and Museums for its Rich History

History is one chapter that makes you sleep and enthusiastic at different intervals of time. By going to places that showcase diversity in its history, you are learning an essential part of ancient history that is unique to certain places all around the world. So, you need to go around and learn all about the same because they may never exist for a long time.

Classic Restaurants for the Taste

Classic Restaurants for the Taste Certain dishes are not available everywhere, and you will never get to eat them the same way. When these dishes meet your tongue, you will be experiencing a set of emotions that cannot be explained through words. So going around for some of these dishes is worth every moment, and the concept of regret will never be understood. Hence, if you are planning on hitting the road, then ensure that the destination has all these elements. By combining them under one place, you will have nothing to lose and will be able to smile throughout the journey.  

Classic Games of All Time

Classic Games
There lies a fine line of difference between good games and classic games. The latter will never be forgotten, thanks to the impact it once created when it was first launched. Real gamers will remember these games, as they might bring back old memories which they value the most. Regardless of the platform, these casino online malaysia games have conquered the field, remaining on top for quite some time. So, as a form of credit, here are some classics of all time.

Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto or GTA hit all the right chords when it was launched way back in the day. People instantly got hooked onto it since they witnessed things that they never saw before. With each new version, the game changed things, pushing the boundaries of virtual reality. Be it the action or the crime world, GTA has been the ideal part of our childhood. Thanks to its presence on various platforms, the game continues to have the right name in the business.

Super Mario 64

Super Mario is another game that can never be forgotten. All the Nintendo fans would agree about the impact of Super Mario 64, as they were transported into an alternative universe that seemed too good to be true. In terms of records, the game sold millions of copies and people play it even to this day.

Pac Man

Before PlayStation ever came into our lives, we were running behind Pac Man, thanks to the kind of adventures that we experienced. The game was straightforward and did not require much explanation to understand. This simplistic nature made all the difference, as people enjoyed it like no other game. With plenty of pop culture references, we were right about the part of creating an impact.


Counter Strike The world of the first-person shooter was one which we all wanted to join. But you require specific reasons for the same and Counter-Strike was one of them. It was developed in 1999, and the rules were extremely simple. The modern versions of these games have changed a lot in terms of features, as they enlighten the essential parts of live-action. So, always remember the kind of game that you were playing way before PUBG.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Flight Simulator was a game that was not intended for everyone. Some of them never really liked, while a huge chunk of people couldn’t live without it. These are the same set of people who ask a ton of questions to the pilot, soon after their flight has landed. Microsoft understood this demand and gave people what they require through various versions. Flight Simulator X remains to be one version that garnered more attention than ever before.

Gaming and Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development
Parents with children who do a lot of gaming always seem to be concerned about their mental growth. They complain that their children have become dumb towards their studies because of their involvement in winbet2u gaming. But, it is to be agreed that it is a baseless fear. It is because there is a proven study which claims that gaming improves cognition in students.

The myth!

It is often believed that gaming is mere entertainment and diversion from their education. But, it certainly is a myth. Multiple researches have proven that gaming has a significant contribution to the cognitive development of children. There are numerous cognitive benefits associated with the habit of gaming. Some of them include improved reaction time, increased mental flexibility, and exalted spatial ability. So, this article is going to deal with cognitive development resulted from the habit of gaming. Time and again, we have heard the constant complain from elders, that we no more go out to the fields and play as they did. But aren’t there any benefits in online games as there are in video games? Of course, there are. Just the way outdoor games improve muscle strength and give physical fitness; online games indulge in constant brain stimulation that enhances the cognition of the gamer.

The Benefits of Online Gaming

When a gamer is involved in an online game, as the older generation fear, the person is not dormant, the brain is highly active, and the person experiences a lot of mental stimulation which increases the audio-visual and motor coordination.

Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills

Usually, online games involve a lot of rules. These rules ensure a person to think within the give restriction within a very short span of time. Only with such capabilities, the player can move to the next level. This sort of thinking within a restricted environment improves the problem-solving skills of the gamer.

Improved Attention and Concentration

There are specific objectives that the player has to achieve to move to the next level. These objectives involve a great deal of attention and concentration. So, naturally, the level of concentration improves in the gamer.

Source of Learning

As mentioned earlier, the online games involve coordination, attention and concentration. Many educational institutions use this information. They have included gaming as a part of their teaching to improve the academic skills of the children.

Multitasking Skills

Any online game for that matter does not leave the gamer inert. It involves high engagement. A player is expected to perform a specific action with various other factors to be considered. This helps the gamer to strengthen multitasking skills.

The Myth Broken!

Though this article has not given all the cognitive benefits of online gaming, we hope it successfully has broken the myth of online gamers being inactive because of their gaming habit.

Things Not to Do While Travelling

filled seats
There are a lot of mistakes in a travel that people do in their journey. While most of the people suggest you ideas on what to do in a trip, here are the things that you probably should not do so the destination you are travelling in remains as priceless as it was before you stepped in.

Do not dine in major tourist spot

There are a lot of dining places in a tourist spot which becomes famous due to advertising and public promotion. Even though they offer good food, they miss a lot of traditional delicacies due to the fact that the purpose of these dining places is to satisfy the tourists. Not only are you eating the same food as your home, but you are also spending on overpriced dishes. Instead, you can explore the street food by going to not so famous places and realise that it is the real deal about the place.

Do not book your holiday too early

Do not book your holiday too early Buying the tickets for a trip way early is not always a good idea. You can wait for the tickets to get cheaper and then purchase them. Waiting until the very last moment can be a little risky, but it can also get you the best deals on the tickets. Especially in cruises, you will find the best deals in the last minute offers which the agencies offer to fill in their seats. No cruise wants to go on a journey with half filled seats, and you can take advantage of it.

Do not strike of hostels from your accommodation options

The hostels meant for the tourists are not the same as those who want an accommodation for months to live. Tourist hostels are pretty clean as they do not want to disappoint their guests. You can find an affordable hostel for your stay and get all the necessary facilities while being totally affordable. You can enjoy the free amenities, such as WiFi, laundry, games, pools, rooftop gardens and more.

Do not waste time to save bucks

You may feel like saving some money to wait for a  cheap ride or travelling the distance on foot, but it can sometimes be not worth it as the time you are spending to save a few bucks can be the spent of exploring new places in your destination. You also need to travel smart while being able to travel in a planned budget. Money should not become an issue if you know that you are missing out on the attractions and experiences of the place.

Do not take your safety for granted

It might feel a little more adventurous if you travel in an unknown city without safety. But it can get troublesome really quick if you are to casual about your safety. You can find yourself in unexpected situations if you are not careful when and where to roam. Be careful of going out during the dark and avoid staying in hotels which do not have proper reviews beforehand. Consult a professional tour guide before you plan on visiting the less explored places.    

The Pros And Cons Of Travelling Light

emotional baggage
When you travel, you should make sure that you go wherever you are going without too much baggage. Yes, I am talking about physical baggage and emotional baggage as well. You should check your luggage into the plane, or you should actually take smaller suitcases into the airplane cabin with you. Most good airlines will indeed allow at least one or two items when it comes to cabin luggage, and for this, they will not add any extra costs at all. There are actually so many pros and cons of travelling with fewer luggages, and I have actually talked about all of them in this guide.
  • When you take more bags, you will find that you will not have to pay the extra bag fees because if you are travelling in the holiday seasons especially, the airlines will see it as an excuse to charge you way more money than they usually charge. For longer flights, airlines have actually been known to charge way more money because they label it “extra weight.” In flights like Emirates, they give you 15 kilograms per suitcase, and if your bag is more than that, you will have to pay more money, or you will have to transfer some items to your cabin luggage.
  • To avoid all of this hassle, all you will have to do is travel light. You can also be in peace if you do. You also do not have to lug a big suitcase around, wherever you go. In so many ways, travelling with fewer luggages is definitely a great thing.
  • Lugging huge bags will always be a total pain in the butt. Especially when you have to take the public transport in big cities like London, where we literally had to lug 4-5 big suitcases in the London Tube on our way to the airport. We actually had to lug them in places where there were no stairs. Even though I love the city, the suitcases were heavy, and it made me wish there were lifts everywhere.
total pain
  • You will also experience a way faster check-in at the airport. Just imagine not having to endure very long queues just to check-in your bag. Imagine just going through security with your light carry-on and flying through quickly to your gate, where you can enjoy a nice bagel with some cream cheese and a hot cup of coffee.
  • All that being said, do not leave out the essentials when you travel because you will undoubtedly need them. Make sure that you don’t have to buy them on the go.
  • You also don’t have to wait in those crowded place near the conveyer belts that will bring your suitcases after the plane lands.