The gaming world has gone behind debates and competitions to decide who’s the better one. A popular one from the lot has to be between two of the most epic shooter games of all times, Call of Duty and Battlefield. Although the verdict does not affect true fans, comparisons can come from pitching features against each other. Both these developers have put their heart out in creating these 10kb games, so a ton of respect goes without saying. So, let’s begin the comparisons on different grounds.

The Introduction

Call of Duty has brought warfare into our worlds, and it took place around 15 years ago. When it comes to intriguing and intense battle moments, nobody argues with Call of Duty, since they started it all. Through disagreements, the developers parted ways, and the Infinity Ward began creating on their own. When it comes to Battlefield, one can say that it created history. It arrived on the gaming scene way before Call of Duty and remained on top of the charts for a long time. If Call of Duty is intense, then Battlefield made things realistic, opening the world to warriors who are not all males.

Weapons Arsenal

To begin the comparison, we would like to start with the kind of weapons both these games provide. These weapons match the overall setting, taking the game to a stage of realism and live-action. Although Battlefield provides gamers with variety, Call of Duty emerges as the clear winner. In terms of variety and choices, Call of Duty gives you what you want based on the timeline of the gaming period. You have enough and more, pushing forward the boundaries for action.

Running Action

For first-person shooter games, it is quite hard to play without having the right ingredients for some running action. So, in terms of running action, it is sad to say that Battlefield losses the battle again. They have some excellent running game action, but it cannot be compared to Call of Duty. The latter lets you fire an array of bullets, enhancing the experience to a large extent. With all that is happening on screen, you can be sure to face some adrenaline-pumping that tastes like gaming war.

War on Wheels

How can a war be complete without some vehicular warfare? Well, then let’s put these games against each other and understand the better one. Apart from the latest versions, Call of Duty didn’t have much to boost on about vehicular warfare. Battlefield is the rightful owner to this throne, as they came up with the right ingredients way before Call of Duty. In Battlefield, you could drive these vehicles all around and have some classic gaming moments on screen.