Classic Games

There lies a fine line of difference between good games and classic games. The latter will never be forgotten, thanks to the impact it once created when it was first launched. Real gamers will remember these games, as they might bring back old memories which they value the most. Regardless of the platform, these casino online malaysia games have conquered the field, remaining on top for quite some time. So, as a form of credit, here are some classics of all time.

Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto or GTA hit all the right chords when it was launched way back in the day. People instantly got hooked onto it since they witnessed things that they never saw before. With each new version, the game changed things, pushing the boundaries of virtual reality. Be it the action or the crime world, GTA has been the ideal part of our childhood. Thanks to its presence on various platforms, the game continues to have the right name in the business.


Super Mario 64

Super Mario is another game that can never be forgotten. All the Nintendo fans would agree about the impact of Super Mario 64, as they were transported into an alternative universe that seemed too good to be true. In terms of records, the game sold millions of copies and people play it even to this day.

Pac Man

Before PlayStation ever came into our lives, we were running behind Pac Man, thanks to the kind of adventures that we experienced. The game was straightforward and did not require much explanation to understand. This simplistic nature made all the difference, as people enjoyed it like no other game. With plenty of pop culture references, we were right about the part of creating an impact.


Counter Strike

The world of the first-person shooter was one which we all wanted to join. But you require specific reasons for the same and Counter-Strike was one of them. It was developed in 1999, and the rules were extremely simple. The modern versions of these games have changed a lot in terms of features, as they enlighten the essential parts of live-action. So, always remember the kind of game that you were playing way before PUBG.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Flight Simulator was a game that was not intended for everyone. Some of them never really liked, while a huge chunk of people couldn’t live without it. These are the same set of people who ask a ton of questions to the pilot, soon after their flight has landed. Microsoft understood this demand and gave people what they require through various versions. Flight Simulator X remains to be one version that garnered more attention than ever before.