Pickers Paradise Antique Mall in Monroe, GA is one of Monroe’s newest antique malls. With its prime location close to Walmart, it is one of the easiest malls to get to in Monroe. The parking is excellent and there are no stairs to climb to access the building.

Once inside, you will be met with a warm greeting as you enter the first 6000 square feet which is fully climate controlled. Yes, that’s right, cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Immediately you will notice the individual booths of our family of dealers, who are some of the best “pickers” in the business.

They search high and low to find antiques, vintage goods, collectibles, and just about anything else of quality they can find. Then they creatively and tastefully present their finds in one of our booths for your picking pleasure. As you continue your antiquing adventure, you will enter “The Hangar”, which is 12,000 more feet of treasure arrayed in a World War II era hangar-like structure.

Along the way, you will discover nostalgia from the past, items you’ve never seen, unbelievable bargains, and at least one item you’ve just got to have. So, bring a friend and be our guest and get ready for an experience you won’t soon forget. There is something for everyone and you’ll be glad you picked us!